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Where Am I?

No reviews as of late because, I haven’t been playing many new games. Animal crossing has been taking up a lot of my time so I guess I will just post about that later. There is something I would like to share with you. I have a bunch of new projects I have been working on. There are Two other blogs I have been spending time on and three Youtube channels… maybe 4 in the near future! I felt like I owed you guys a bit of an explanation for why I hadn’t been here. I have decided to start making myself a schedule so that I can post more often on all of my projects. So for today’s post I will show you all my projects starting with something that might interest you.

The Geeky Slackers:

The Geeky Slackers is a Youtube channel  of Podcasts my boyfriend and I made to talk about all of our geeky pleasures. The first video is an introduction and about VIDEO GAMES!!!!

Baka Vacas:

The second channel you should watch is Baka Vacas! My little brother and I sniff and review stuff. Recently though we reviewed some candy. Our first episode was my least favorite of all the scents we’ve smelled!!!

The Mystery Mart:

The Mystery Mart is a new channel and about super creepy stuffs. My little brother and I host this one together also. You can check out the intro video for more info here.

Pixel Ensemble With Words:

This blog is about me writing. I like writing. Poems, short stories and musings are fun to me. To read some follow the link below!

Pixel Ensemble With Words

Pixel Ensemble With Opinions:

This blog is about all my different opinions. Mostly about real life issues. This gets pretty deep so get the tissues and or pitch forks ready! Follow the link bellow for more.

Pixel Ensemble With Opinions

So there you go guys, here is my list of projects that I have been recently working on and why I haven’t been playing many a games or reading many a comics. I hope you all check out and enjoy all of these. Have a great day, see you soon!


Bookstore Dream Obsessed!

So I am sure you all  remember my review on Publisher Dream (found here-> https://thepoorpixeledsoul.wordpress.com/2013/09/15/super-short-review-time/) Well I am back with another review on my latest obsession: Bookstore Dream. I have always dreamed of owning a book store and this game is an adorable simulation!

Title: Bookstore Dream

Publisher/Developer: Circle Entertainment

Genre: Simulation

Price: $1.99 USD

DsiWare- Can find on eShop for 3ds download also

Rating: E for Everyone

Just like Publisher dream, it has the same game mechanics, just different story lines.  In this game you are a bookstore manager and run your own bookstore with an iron fist! Well, maybe not, but you do have to keep a close eye on expenses. You can go into debt, that is a HUGE no no by the way.  Simple but effective gameplay. It is easy to get caught up in the moment when you are booking an autograph session and trying to maintain all of your expenses with out going over budget. You can pay for fliers, T.V. ads and banners to get more foot traffic in the door. It feels awesome unlocking new publishers and hearing the “CHA-CHING” of customers buying your merchandise. I am a simulator game enthusiast and this game is a great, simple and addicting game to play if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands and just want to make sure the store is running smoothly. There are tons of fun things to do in your store. Creating contracts with new publishers, deciding what books you’d like in your store, booking autograph signings and buying book shelves to put in your store are just a few examples. It’s not just all fun and games though. You do have a budget and if you go over budget 3 weekends in a row, you lose! Yup, you were a bad business person and lost it all. Good job. It is a bit scary when that happens, but then you get the hang of it and do better the next time! By the time you know it you’ll be super successful and have tons of publishers groveling at your feet! The design of the game is pretty simple. you get to choose the color of your book store and what goes in it. The only downside in my opinion is customization, but that’s more of a personal dilemma that does not in any way take away from the actual game. I am actually playing it right now as I type. It’s just running on its own and all I have to do is check in once in a while and add or delete things. The music is quite enchanting and the colors are pleasing to the eyes. With minimal interaction needed and a vast array of things to do, I completely recommend this game for everyone and hope you all have playing it! One last thing though, after “100 days” in the game, it is over. You are done with the whole game! It may sound a bit pointless, but I like the ability to start over and this is a great game to play over and over again. Especially if you hate games that take forever to finish. It’s great if you want to get through a game in one day and feel accomplished. Remember you can always start over and do things differently, try a new shop color and even try to make the game interesting by giving yourself advertisement limitations and such! Well, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this small review on my new favorite game. Have a great day!

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Mini Review!

Good evening ladies and gents! Coming at you guys with some mini review of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl! A comic I have been super into as of late! I hope you enjoy this mini review!

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Price: 3.99 US

Rated: Teen

Publisher: Marvel

So I am super in love with this fun and quirky comic. I had no prior knowledge of this hero before hand and went in blind and skeptical. A comic about a girl who is basically the Aquaman of  squirrels? Um, no thanks. Was my FIRST reaction, but after my younger brother convinced me to give it a chance and I fell in love! Squirrel Girl is about a young college co-ed named Doreen Green. She is a mutant with the attributes of and the ability to communicate with squirrels. She uses this ability to help fight crime and be an all around great person. Her roommate Nancy Whitehead is a tough go getter and good friend of Doreen’s. And then of course there is Doreen’s best friend Tippy. An adorable spunky squirrel with great advice and is super helpful in sticky situations.What I love about this comic is that not only does it have action and a strong female lead, but it is hilarious! She is extremely relateable and makes you want to be her friend. In this series we follow Doreen through being a new college student and trying to be a superhero at the same time! To make things harder, she’s got a roommate! It doesn’t help that Doreen can be a bit awkward at times making you feel embarrassed for her. It’s very entertaining to say the least and was recently given the “Nuts About That Booty” Award by comicsalliance.com! You’ll get the joke if you’ve read the first issue. There are only four issues out at the moment and it already has some great suspense and action going on. This is a monthly issue I believe(I may be wrong so don’t quote me on that). This makes it great to pick up on right away, especially if you’re strapped for cash. I always find it hard to get into weekly comics that are 15 issues in already. My rating is definitely a 5/5 and a must read for ALL AGES (even though it’s rated teen). Also, the covers are super adorable. I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and decide to give The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl a chance. Have a great day everyone! Remember, if you have any comic suggestions, feel free to comment below!

I am here! Life and blog update

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you all! I have just been super busy with so many projects and interviews for jobs. I am happy to report that life is going well and I have a bunch of new reviews coming up really soon! I am glad you all stuck around and are here to support the page. Some things I will be reviewing this year include, but are not limited too:

  • Nendoroids
  • Figmas
  • Table Top Games
  • Conventions
  • Games
  • Books
  • SHFiguarts
  • Funko Pop! Figures
  • T.V. Shows
  • and etc…

As for the Pokemon adventure, I have postponed that to finally start working on my Village in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. When I got back all my villagers had moved away and I LITERALLY CRIED! Some freaks had just shown up in there place and expected me to love them. NO! I HATE YOU, GO AWAY! No joke, I had a bunch of frogs and a kangaroo and a chicken when I came back. UGH! Luckily, I got a few cute villagers thanks to building a camp site, but no one can ever replace Freya! Stop mocking me with your visits you whore! Any who, I will do updates on that as well as actual reviews and I will still keep posting about being on a budget and wanting all the cool things out there. I’ve even begun working on some products I plan to eventually sell at cons so I’ll keep you updated on that too. I can’t wait for my first official post back with you all. Be safe and have a pleasant day.

Pokemon Master Update 6!

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since my last post. But, I have a very good excuse! My car broke down twice and all f my effort has been going toward getting it fixed! No car means no work, no work means no money, no money means no internet and no internet means no blog. I do have some exciting news on the home front though. I have been currently traded an Arceus!!!!! I got said Arceus at work and all I traded for it was a Zubat egg! As I have stated before, I am a substitute teacher and I sometimes Sub for high schoolers. They usually think I am pretty cool and one particular student asked if I wanted his Arceus to help me on my journey to becoming a pokemon master! He also gave me a SHINY relicanth for the hell of it! I am not gonna lie, it was an amazing feeling. Hopefully you guys are satisfied with this small update. Below I will post, in list form, all f the progress made so far.

  • Got an Arceus
  • Got a shiny Relicanth
  • Bought Emerald for only 30 bucks at half price books!

Well everyone, these are all the updates I have for now. I can’t wait to update with more info on my next Pokemon misadventure! Until next time, KEEP ON TRAINING!

P.S. Here is my game collection so far! I used the app No Crop to make it all perty.


Pokemon Master Adventure Update Week 5!

Hello my amazing followers and welcome back to another update! First off, did you guys hear about the Shiny Gengar code card coming up??? If not, well here is your info! It will be appearing at participating Gamestops October 13-26 and will be holding a Gengarite Mega Stone. Also, October 23-November 16 you will be able to pick up a code card to receive your very own Diance!

Inner thought time: I don’t know about you all, but I am already gearing up to get my code! *Grabs tent to camp outside Gamestop even though it isn’t necessary at all* It’s like going trick-or-treating for Pokemon. Personally though, I don’t like the code card system. I just want to hit “receive gift” and boom done. But, you can’t have everything.

Now onto the nitty gritty, I really hate to disappoint you all, but I haven’t completed a full box this week! You see, the thing about being a Pokemon Master is that it isn’t always easy, especially leveling up. Leveling up, already high level Pokemon really is quite a chore. So far this week I have collected numbers 90-110 in the national Pokedex, but realized I did not have a Rhyhorn! So after searching for hours in the Glittering Cave I finally caught one! Why hours? I don’t know, I guess my game hates me. I also just realized that I am almost through collecting all first Gen Pokemon! I am both nervous and excited! The only thing that worries me is that I don’t have all the legendary birds. All I have is Moltres. I can’t use the GTS because people on there are absolutely ridiculous; I may have to try to collect them all on my Blue or Red and transfer them repeatedly through old school game trades to obtain them. This will be quite the tedious task, Hopefully by the end of next week I will have a full box although I am aiming for two. Although this is getting slightly more difficult, I refuse to give up!I hope you guys are having an awesome journey on your Pokemon Adventure and tune in next time for more amazing Updates!

Pokemon Master Adventure Update Week 4!

So I haven’t posted as regularly scheduled and I do have a reason for that! The day I was about to post about my latest adventure my brother got… SCABIES D: So I had to take him to the doctor and drive around getting him whatever he needed since he was extremely contagious. So that is my explanation for the late post and I have also decided to the updates to Friday! So WOO! On this update I have finished capturing 60-89 in the National Pokedex! I am so super pumped! So far in order I have 1-89 in completion! I am not going to lie this is getting way harder! While I was at the doctor’s office with my brother I accidentally FORGOT TO SAVE and lost my Dodrio!!! Which means I had to go back and re-evolve my level 15 Doduo! I know it doesn’t seem to terrible, but Doduo doesn’t evolve until LEVEL 31! That’s a lot of leveling up to do! Hopefully now that my bestie got me Pokemon X I will be able to finish my Pokedex a bit faster. I do have some fears though, like event legendaries. I really don’t know what I am going to do when I have to input them in! I guess that’s when the Original games will come in with the trading cable. Wish me luck with that!!! Now onto the Professor Report!


  • I now have in National Dex order 1-89.
  • My bestfriend has recently purchased Pokemon Y for me from a CD exchange.
  • My bestie has also get himself Pokemon SoulSilver and promised it to me when he finishes it!

What I’ve learned this week:

  • Save, SAve, SAVE!!!!! Saving is so crucial since you never know when one little thing might go wrong and you could lose so much progress!
  • “Pick up” Doesn’t work in the glittering cave.


  • The more games you have, the easier it’ll be to collect all the Pokemon.
  • When trying to play both Pokemon X and Y on your 3DS system you will only get one friend code between both games.